Human Capital Diagnostic Tool (HCDT)

About Human Capital Diagnostic Tool (HCDT)

The HCDT is the national HC diagnostic tool led by WSG and MOM, to help organisations gain valuable insights on the Human Capital Maturity of your organisation. The HCDT replaces the HR Maturity Diagnostic (HRMD) tool, previously managed by Enterprise Singapore, with effect from January 2019.

The HCDT is built upon the HRMD and incorporates features to allow a comprehensive diagnostic approach on HC competencies and perception of HC practices. The tool will holistically assess your organisation's state of HR across 11 key HC process areas.

A comprehensive “health check” for organisations

Thorough yet simple-to-use, the HCDT can help your organisation make informed business decisions based on human capital insights to maximise potential growth and development of your organisation.

The HCDT offers insights from three perspectives.

Process: Fact/Evidence-based understanding

  • An assessor would conduct a strategic discussion with the CEO and Head of HR of the organisation, and
  • A joint study with your HR Team on organisation's existing HC processes

Competencies: Perception-based understanding

  • Management and HR Team are surveyed for how competent they perceive their organisation to be in HC capabilities

Practices: Perception-based understanding

  • Employees are surveyed for how effective their organisation is in HC practices

How to get started?

The HCDT is a whole-of-government effort and serves to facilitate the initiatives managed by the various government/agencies.

Organisations which are interested in undergoing the HCDT assessment may consider contacting the following agencies to speak about schemes that involve HCDT.

Application Procedure

Option A: I would like to undergo HCDT assessment as part of a specific government/agency initiative

Step 1: Apply for a government/agency initiative*

a) Singapore National Employers Federation (In support of WSG and SSG programmes)

b) Enterprise Singapore

c) Ministry of Manpower (

* IHRP can assist to link your company up with the relevant agencies if needed

Step 2: The various agencies will work with your organisation to proceed with the next stage of HCDT assessment

Option B: I would like to undergo HCDT assessment separate from government/agency initiatives

1. Contact IHRP at for more information.

For any other enquiries

Contact or call 6904 0313 for more information.


HCM is the ability of an organisation to effectively cultivate Human Capital resources to deliver higher social or economic value sustainably.

The skills, knowledge, experience of an individual or population that are cultivated for added innovation or creativity driving social or economic value.

What distinguishes human capital and human capital measurement from human resource management is the emphasis on the value of people and what they produce, rather than a focus on the HR function itself.

Talent Attraction

HR Operation and Technology

Strategic Workforce Planning

Learning and Development

Performance Management

Compensation and Benefits

Talent Management and Succession Planning

Organisation Culture

Employee Engagement and Communications

Employee Value Proposition


To measure the maturity of HC processes, a trained assessor will first speak with the CEO and head of HR to understand the organisation’s direction and priorities. The assessor also reviews evidence for 11 HC processes to assess their respective level of maturity. Perception data is collected via a short online questionnaire to employees and management. Recommendations for the organisation will then be made by the assessor based on the HC process findings and perception survey results, within the context of the organisation’s growth stage and business priorities.

In total, the HCDT will involve two meetings with CEO and head of HR. Assessors assigned to the company will work separately to arrange for a meeting date that is convenient for all parties involved.