AHRI Partnership

An overview of the AHRI IHRP partnership

In November 2018, the Singapore Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) and the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) signed a mutual recognition agreement, enabling for certified professionals to achieve mutual recognition from both IHRP and AHRI through the respective bridging pathways.

The agreement follows a mapping of the two sets of professional standards and certification criteria ensuring that the equivalent certification levels are matched as follows:

For AHRI Members

  • Certified Member (CPHR) maps to IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP)
  • Certified Fellow (FCPHR) maps to IHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP) or IHRP Master Professional (IHRP-MP)**

For IHRP Certified Professionals*

  • IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP) maps to Certified Member (CPHR)
  • IHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP) maps to Certified Member (CPHR) or Certified Fellow (FCPHR)
  • IHRP Master Professional (IHRP-MP) maps to Chartered (FCPHR)
*Subject to bridging requirements.
**HR professionals who are senior/C-level HR leaders, well-regarded by the HR community and have actively contributed back to the HR industry, will be invited to apply for the IHRP-MP by the IHRP.

As part of the application process members will need to provide proof of their current professional membership and a curriculum vitae. Once the appropriate bridging requirements have been met, certification will be awarded by the other body, with the right to use the appropriate post-nominal letters of both associations.

Prior to commencing the appropriate bridging process, IHRP certified professionals will need to become a member of the Australian HR Institute. Upon successful completion of the relevant bridging process, you will be awarded either Certified Practitioner HR (CPHR) or Fellow Certified Practitioner (FCPHR).

1. Click here to download a AHRI membership application form

2. Please email the following documents to enquires@ahri.com.au

  • Proof of your IHRP certification level (a copy of your certificate).
  • Current Curriculum Vitae.
  • Completed Membership application form.

A member of our team will be in touch within 10 working days to finalise the application. Once your membership has been approved you can then enrol the appropriate bridging pathway.

The cost is AUD$395 (SGD387) for CPHR or AUD$441 (SGD433) for FCPHR.

The above describes the bridging pathway for current AHRI professional members to gain IHRP Certification.

You can be recognised and conferred with the respective IHRP Certification if you fulfill the respective bridging requirements.

Interested to bridge to the IHRP Certification? Apply here


If you would like to speak to AHRI about the reciprocal agreement between AHRI and IHRP, please contact the AHRI member career support team via enquires@ahri.com.au or 03 9918 9230.