How to prepare for online submission

Certification under the IHRP standards provides an industry endorsed mark of quality. It reflects your commitment to enriching your HR development journey and achieving mastery of HR competencies increasingly valued by employers.

Applicants will be formally assessed a two-stage holistic assessment process:

Stage 1: Experience and Training Review (Online Submission)

In Stage 1, you will apply to have your HR experience and competencies reviewed. You will need to submit documented proof of your education, training, professional achievements and experiences.

Information required
Approx. time to fill (min)
Personal information
Employment information
HR-related work experience
HR-related education and training. You will need at least 150 hours (around 19 days; 1 day = 8 hours) of HR-related education or training. You can fulfil this requirement by having either:

- Tertiary Education in HR-related discipline (i.e. HR degree or diploma);
- OR HR-related training courses / conferences/ workshop / seminars
Competency demonstration
Declaration of adherence to IHRP Code of Professional Conduct
Payment of application fee

Note: You may find that you need more time to gather the information required. If so, you can always save your application and return to it later.

Time Saver Tips:

  • Collate your supporting documents (i.e HR-related training / education)
  • Collate your mandatory documents (i.e soft copies of NRIC/Identification, Curriculum vitae (CV), Reference testimonial)

Especially with regards to HR-related education and training supporting documents, it would be helpful to gather your HR degree/diploma certifications or certificates of attendance across the various HR-related training/workshops/seminars.  Information required includes name of course, name of institution/organisation and start/end dates.

We recommend that you download the Reference Testimonial form to familiarise yourself with the submission requirements, so you can identify someone who can provide the Reference Testimonial in support of your application. The online submission is not considered complete without submission of a completed Reference Testimonial, so do provide sufficient time to collect this. 

HR-related education and training

You will need at least 150 hours (around 19 days; 1 day = 8 hours) of HR-related education or training. You can fulfil this requirement by having either:

  • Tertiary education in a HR-related discipline; or
  • HR-related training courses; or
  • HR conferences/seminars/workshops
  • HR-related internships

Competency demonstration

We need to assess your broad experiences across different HR competencies. You will need to reflect on your work and describe your experiences across IHRP’s 9 areas:  

(i) Functional competencies       

(ii) Uphold professional conduct              

(iii) Display business and financial acumen          

(iv) Demonstrate change leadership      

(v) Adopt future orientation      

(vi) Labour policies and legislation            

(vii) Analytics and insights          

(viii) Technology and operational excellence      

(ix) Relationships and communication

As this is an evidence-based assessment, give sufficient detail to fully demonstrate the breadth of your competency experiences.

We recommend that you include:

  • situation encountered
  • stakeholders involved or impacted
  • your actions taken to address the situation
  • results achieved

Sample submissions could look like this:

"Sample 1: I was involved in a retrenchment exercise affecting a group of bargainable staff due to the economic downturn. In planning for this difficult exercise, I had to carefully review the past performance of staff to be retrenched and design the communication strategy and plan for the affected staff, as well as the union. Additionally, I also developed the wider communication plan for the company staff and the press. Together with a team of HR specialists; I was involved in putting together the redundancy package to be paid according to Labour Laws and Collective Agreement. We provided assistance to affected retrenched staff to find suitable jobs with alternative employers. While retrenchment of staff was not easy, I believe we managed to deliver a good outcome for the affected staff and all stakeholders involved. I am also pleased to have worked collaboratively with the union to find alternative jobs for the displaced staff within a short period of time after their retrenchment.

Sample 2: As a HR professional, I proactively identify opportunities to lead the change required in delivering the desired business impact. One live example involves creating a self-service electronic platform for employees to access and get answers to their routine HR-related queries. However, the take up rate was very low as employees are used to simply calling the HR department. To drive up the take up rate, I designed and implemented a Change Programme starting with persuading the respective Department Heads of the business benefits (improved productivity, higher staff engagement, and improved response time of staff HR-related queries) and conducting lunch time road shows for Department Heads to share their perspectives and for HR to demonstrate the ease of use of such electronic self help platforms.  I have successfully persuaded all the Department Heads about the business benefits as evidenced by their support for me to run 5 roadshows for their department staff. The take up rate has since doubled over that period of time."

Download the Body of Competencies.