The partnership between the CIPD and IHRP

The announcement is a first in Asia.

Mutual recognition

On 16 November 2017, IHRP has signed a mutual recognition agreement with the CIPD.

This signifies a strategic partnership to globalise and build a borderless HR community. The CIPD and IHRP share a common vision to develop HR professionals who are future-oriented and are able to embrace change to unlock the potential of people and enable transformation of business.

As part of the CIPD-IHRP Partnership, HR professionals can enjoy mutual recognition from both the CIPD and IHRP through the respective bridging pathways.

For The CIPD Members

  • Associate Member (Assoc CIPD) maps to IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP)
  • Chartered Member (MCIPD) maps to IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP) or IHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP)
  • Chartered Fellow (FCIPD) maps to IHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP) or IHRP Master Professional (IHRP-MP)*

*HR professionals who are senior/C-level HR leaders, well-regarded by the HR community and have actively contributed back to the HR industry, will be invited to apply for the IHRP-MP

More information on bridging requirements here.

For IHRP Certified Professionals

  • IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP) maps to Associate Member (Assoc CIPD)
  • IHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP) maps to Chartered Member (Chartered MCIPD) or Chartered Fellow (Chartered FCIPD)
  • IHRP Master Professional (IHRP-MP) maps to Chartered Fellow (Chartered FCIPD)

How the CIPD-IHRP partnership benefits you 

How to apply

CIPD Professional Members

If you are a CIPD professional member and would like to benefit from mutual recognition, you will need to  submit an application form. IHRP will contact you to arrange a pre-assessment touch point (30 – 45 min) to evaluate the IHRP Certification level which you are eligible for. For frequently asked questions, you may refer to them here.

Request for the application form here.

IHRP Certified Professionals

If you are an IHRP certified professional and would like to benefit from mutual recognition, you will need to complete a bridging assessment based on your current membership level. 

Please visit CIPD's website, email or call 6338 4528 for more information.

For frequently asked questions, you may refer to them here.