Selecting a level right for you

We offer 3 levels of certification. Choose a certification level that best applies to your current role.

3 levels of certification

3 levels of certification
Choose this levelFor this role
IHRP Master Professional (IHRP-MP)The IHRP-MP is the pinnacle of the IHRP Certification and initiated via a nomination process by Tripartite Partners and existing IHRP-MPs. The IHRP-MP is for you if you are a senior/ C-level HR leader who is well-regarded by the HR community and have actively contributed back to the HR industry. You would have with responsibilities for strategising and directing the HR management and development agenda at an organisation-wide level, often serving as a trusted business partner to C-level stakeholders.
Choose this levelIHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP)IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP)
My HR Experience• I should have at least 10 years of total relevant working experience in HR; of which,
• I must have at least 2 years of current and consistent experience at the job level of an SP
• I comply to IHRP’s Code of Professional Conduct
• I must have at least 2 years of total relevant working experience in HR
• I comply to IHRP’s Code of Professional Conduct
My Job ScopeMy job scope entails:
• Navigating through complex and ever-changing business needs
• Working closely with business leaders in driving organization goals through strategic HR interventions
• Oversight on CP’s job scope and HR policies
• Leading HR strategic interventions that are typically mid-to-long term (i.e. 3 years onwards)
My job scope entails:
• Ensuring day-to-day HR operations are run efficiently and effectively
• Provide HR advisory and support to all levels of staff
• Executing (may also lead) HR intervention strategies that are typically short-to-mid term (i.e 1-3 years)
Who Reports To MeI can be a/an:
• Leader of a HR department/team of executive* and managerial* level
• Leader of multiple HR departments
• Possibly an individual contributor but with highly strategic job scope

* your direct reports can include IHRP-CP and/or fellow IHRP-SP members
I can be a/an:
• Manager with a team of HR Administrators* and/or Executives*
• Individual contributor

* your direct reports can include fellow IHRP-CP members


The points stated in this guide are indicative and your final outcome on your suitability for IHRP certification is subjected for review by the Assessment Team For more information, you may contact our Assessment & Insights Team at

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