Recertification process

Recertification ensures that your skills and experience remain current, and demonstrates your commitment to professional development. To remain IHRP-certified, you will need to go through recertification every 3 years.

Certified HR professionals who wish to extend their certifications are required to submit a recertification application

To recertify, you will need to submit:

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Supporting documents of continuing professional development activities undertaken (total of 90 hours*)
  • Statement of Professional Conduct: Declaration of compliance with the IHRP Code of Professional Conduct
  • HR-related work: Employer testimonial confirming your current role in HR

* The 90 CPD hours may be accumulated through engagement in any of the following two types of activities: Verifiable (60 hours): and Non-verifiable (30 hours)

Verifiable CPD Activities (60 hours): Activities that can be objectively validated by a third-party organiser. These activities should be relevant to an individual's current or future work. and have clear learning objectives or outcomes. Examples of verifiable CPD activities include accredited courses, participation as speaker or panel member at HR seminars or conferences and more.

Non-Verifiable Activities (30 hours): Activities that do not require verifiable evidence from third-party organiser. Evidence for such activities can be self-recorded. Examples of non-verifiable CPD activities include self-study and reflection on HR and business disciplines, contribution to views and dialogue on social media platforms regarding HR and more.

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