Code of Professional Conduct

The Code of Professional Conduct lays out the expected standards and behaviours that all IHRP-certified HR professionals must comply with and commit to.

To be an IHRP-certified HR professional, you must comply with and commit to upholding and maintaining the standards and behaviours set out in our Code of Professional Conduct. Complying with the code serves to ensure public confidence in the integrity of our certification.

Code of Professional Conduct has 5 core principles:

  1. Integrity: Demonstrating strong moral principles and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in discharging HR duties and establishing a reputation as a trusted HR professional.
  2. Objectivity: Adopting a fair and equitable approach towards HR and business matters, and in doing so, inspiring trust and credibility as a competent HR professional.
  3. Professional Competence: Being accountable for your own actions, taking personal ownership for developing and maintaining professional competencies, and keeping abreast of the latest trends and developments in HR and adjacent disciplines so as to build credibility as an HR professional.
  4. Confidentiality: Adhering to high ethical standards when managing classified and sensitive information and/or private personnel data.
  5. People Advocacy: Committing to place People at the heart of HR work, to exercise empathy and compassion when dealing with people, and to develop their potential while in pursuit of organisational goals.

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