IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP)

Obtain an industry-endorsed recognition as an IHRP Certified Professional. Gain recognition for your mastery of HR competencies that are business-relevant, future-ready and incorporate progressive HR practices.

Certified professional

Who is it for?

The IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP) is for you if you are in a HR Managerial, Specialist or Business Partnering role and responsible for developing and implementing HR policies and programmes to deliver HR services and operate the HR function.


You are eligible to apply for IHRP-CP certification if you are an existing HR professional and have:

  • at least 2 years of HR-related work experience in a HR Managerial, Specialist or Business Partnering role
  • successfully completed approximately 150 hours of structured HR-related education or training e.g. Tertiary education in a HR-related discipline, HR-related training courses, HR conferences/seminars/workshops, HR internships, Internal HR training, Online HR-related courses
  • declared compliance to the IHRP Code of Professional Conduct

How would you be assessed?

You will be assessed through:

  • Experience Assessment: Online submission of detailed information and documented proof to demonstrate HR-related training and experience.
  • On-site Assessment: Computer based assessment comprising of multiple-choice questions for Paper A and B


The fees for IHRP-CP are as follows:

New application


(with government subsidies applied)

Experience Assessment
Competency Assessment$80$750



(with government subsidies applied)

Assessment fee per paper
(Paper A or Paper B)
$80 $750

*Fee is subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax. Read more on the fee policy.


Recertification is due 3 years from the date of certification.

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