How to get IHRP certified

Take the first step towards a more empowering and enriching HR career development journey with an IHRP Certification.

Well done! You have taken the right step by exploring the IHRP certification, which will empower you with the necessary knowledge and skillsets required to meet current and emerging needs.

The certification process in steps

1Decide which level of the IHRP Certification is right for you.
2Stage 1: Experience and training review  Access the online form to start your application process. You will need to provide detailed information on your HR-related training and experiences for us to review.
3Confirm appointment for Stage 2   You will be notified of your outcome for Stage 1. If the application is successful, you may proceed to confirm your appointment for Stage 2. 
4Stage 2: Knowledge and application assessment   Take the Stage 2 written assessment. You will be conferred with the IHRP Certification if you successfully meet the requirements of the assessment.

To support you in your professional development, IHRP accredits courses provided by quality training providers. Only courses published on IHRP’s website have been reviewed and confirmed to align with IHRP’s competency standards.  This list will be updated as and when new courses are accredited.

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Note: IHRP conducts random audits on a percentage of applications to ensure the integrity of the Stage 1 process. If you are chosen for an audit, an IHRP-appointed representative will contact you via email to follow up on document audit requirements. Please respond within 3 business days to avoid delays in processing your application.

Applications may be rejected and fees forfeited if the requested information or documents are found to be falsified, misrepresented or missing.