Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

A continued investment in learning and development is essential for you to keep ahead of the times and progress in your HR career.

The business, work and HR environments are changing all the time. As an IHRP-certified professional, you need to invest in learning and personal development activities to keep abreast of these changes and continue to support the business. The CPD hours are necessary for recertification every 3 years.

Types of CPD Activities

There are two types of CPD activities that you could pursue:

a) Verifiable (structured)

These are relevant HR activities that can be objectively validated by a third-party organiser.  These activities should be relevant to an individual’s current or future work, and have clear learning objectives or outcomes. 

Examples include accredited courses, participation as speaker or panel member at HR seminars or conference, and more.

b) Non-verifiable (unstructured)

These are relevant activities that do not require verifiable evidence from third-party organiser.  Evidence for such activities can be self-recorded. 

Examples include self-study and reflection on HR and business disciplines, contribution to views and dialogue on social media platforms regarding HR, and more.

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