Assessment Dates availability

Limited amount of scheduled assessment dates will be released throughout the year.

Certification Level Assessment DatesDeadline for SubmissionStatus
IHRP-CP25 Oct 2017 25 Aug 2017 Closed
IHRP-CP27 Oct 2017 25 Aug 2017Closed
IHRP-CP15 Nov 2017 15 Sep 2017 Closed
IHRP-CP17 Nov 201715 Sep 2017Closed
IHRP-CP10 Jan 201827 Nov 2017Closed
IHRP-CP12 Jan 201827 Nov 2017Closed
IHRP-CP2 Feb 201827 Nov 2017Closed
IHRP-CP7 Feb 201827 Nov 2017Closed
IHRP-CP7 Mar 201822 Dec 2017Open
IHRP-CP9 Mar 201822 Dec 2017Open
Certification LevelAssessment DatesDeadline for SubmissionStatus
IHRP-SP15 Nov 201715 Sep 2017Closed
IHRP-SP17 Nov 201715 Sep 2017Closed
IHRP-SP15 Jan 201827 Nov 2017Closed
IHRP-SP16 Jan 201827 Nov 2017Closed
IHRP-SP5 Feb 201827 Nov 2017Closed
IHRP-SP13 Mar 201822 Dec 2017Open

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